Thursday the 30th - Розроблено: у Лабораторії ІОТ ПКНГ ПолтНТУ-2016
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Childhood! Happy-go-lucky days of joy, boundless parental love, grandmother's delicacies, lots of toys, ice cream, fun games with peers in the yard, rich impressions of traveling with family. Unfortunately, the war divided our lives into "before" and "after". And in such difficult times for Ukraine, the phrase "Children are our future" seems especially strong.

Every kid deserves a happy and carefree childhood, so one of the most significant our task today is caring for children, as they our hopes for a better life and the continuation of the family, the Ukrainian nation, and the state. "Without a family, there is no nation, no people," says a proverb.

Since the beginning of warfare, many families have found shelters in Poltava. The residents of our city, which is rightly called the spiritual capital, are doing everything possible to make the lives of war casualties as comfortable as possible, to bring smiles back to children's faces. At the Poltava Applied Oil and Gas College of National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic», artists of Poltava Academic Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama M. Hogol Theater and the Poltava Puppet Theater presented their performances to girls and boys. Everyone watched with excitement the adventures of The Seven Little Goats, together with the Bun fled from trouble, fought for happiness with Princess Kwa-Kwa and met a freak Carlson.

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On the Easter Eve, the brightest Christian holiday, well-known for its customs and traditions, College lecturers organized a series of workshops in which children and their parents learned to make sweet decor "Willow branch", paint Easter eggs and decorate Easter cakes as gifts for the city military defenders and internally displaced persons. Ongoing the Easter tradition, the teachers of the Poltava City School of Arts Raisa Kyrychenko "Small Academy of Arts" were taught to make Dolls-Motanky. How happy they were!

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When we are giving joy, positive emotions, laughter, we cultivate beliefs in better future and getting closer to Victory every day! Wishing to all the Ukrainian children always feel sincere parental love, support and reliable protection. Dear parents! Children are our future. Appreciate every moment with each other, because the only and most valuable truth in life is love for your loved ones. May harmony and peace lives in all families! We believe in Victory! Everything will be Ukraine!

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