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Student self-government

Student Self-Government of college is an integral part of civil government that protects the rights and interests of persons enrolled in higher education, and their participation in the management of higher education institution.

Students who enrolled in college full-time education can take part in the student self-government of college. All these persons have an equal right to participate in student self-government. It is carried out by students of College through the student self-government, elected by secret ballot.

The student self-government is:

  • take acts which regulate their organization and activities;
  • conduct organizational, scientific, cultural, sports, recreational and other activities;
  • promote employment of persons enrolled in college;
  • manage money and other property located on their balance sheet;
  • perform other functions.

The student self-government makes decision on:

  • deduction from College;
  • transfer of persons enrolled under the contract on the budget form of education;
  • placement a deputy director, heads of departments;
  • settlement of persons enrolled in college in dormitory and eviction from it.

The supreme body of student self-government is the general meeting of students of College which:

  • adopt (claim) "Regulations on student self-government";
  • elect student self-government executive bodies;
  • determine the structure, powers, procedure of election and term of powers of the executive bodies of the student self-government;
  • debrief of executive bodies of the student self-government.

The executive body of student self-government elected at the general meeting of the students.

The main goals of the student self-government are:

  • protecting the rights and interests of students;
  • enforcement of obligations of students;
  • promoting of educational, research and creative activity of students;
  • facilitating the creation of appropriate conditions for living and leisure of students;
  • promotion of student clubs, societies, associations;
  • organization of cooperation with students from other higher educational establishments and youth organizations.

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