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The college has developed a certain system of law work with students. During the law education teaching staff comes from the following basic criteria:

  • law education encompasses the general public – students, parents and teachers;
  • law education provides the growth of consciousness of students, understanding of strict adherence to the Constitution and laws of Ukraine;
  • students' understanding of unity of rights and obligations and their fulfillment in real life;
  • College prepares students for real life, the ability to use law knowledge;
  • promotion of fundamental principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration and the Convention on the Rights of the Child;
  • desire to achieve citizenship formation of each student based on universal values: freedom of beliefs, opinions, possession and use of property;
  • the ability of students to resist the crimes and offenses in the society;
  • promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Teaching staff is paid special attention to keeping records of visiting college by students, registration of children addicted to smoking, deviant behavior. Therefore, the Committee on crime prevention is working all the time. Committee meeting takes place at least 1 per month. Members of the meeting, according to plan, organize a survey among students, interviews, raids, carried out an analysis of attendance, student behavior.

A great attention is paid to the prevention of the use tobacco, alcohol, drugs, psychotropic and toxic substances by students. For this purpose, there are different lessons for teens are held in College: "Your life is your choice", "Bad habits" and others.

Teaching staff pays great attention to relations with the police, Department of Justice, doctors, and other experts. Different lectures, meetings, consultations, competitions, tours are held.

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