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In 1967 in Poltava was founded Oil Geological Prospecting Technical School by order of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR to prepare mid-level professionals for geological enterprises of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR and other ministries of oil and gas.


belajIn the first years after the establishment of a small team of teachers worked under the direction of Belai Dmitrii (1967-1971).

Training was carried on specialties such as "Geology and exploration of oil and gas fields" (technician-geologist) and "Borehole drilling" (petroleum technician). 1969 – opened a new specialty - "Petroleum chemistry" for training technicians in chemistry, and since 1971 - "Equipment for oil and gas fields" for training technicians mechanics.


During these years, the staff of the technical school were greatly enriched by experienced representatives of oil and gas young professionals.

The teachers were working under the direction by Dotsenko V. P. (1971-1988)..docenko

In 1971 it was the first graduation of young professionals. In February - technicians, geologists, in July – petroleum technicians. The first 109 alumni received diplomas and were sent to work to exploration companies of USSR – in Western Siberia, the Komi Republic, Kazakhstan, Crimea, Carpathians and in the Poltava region.

In 1971 the specialty as "Equipment oil and gas fields" for training technicians mechanics was opened.

In 1972-1973, in the technical school started the correspondence department on three specialties: "Drilling oil and gas wells", "Equipment for oil and gas fields" and "Planning for the enterprises of oil and gas industry."

In 1973 the specialty "Planning for the enterprises of oil and gas industry" was opened at full-time department.

On that time there were 50 classrooms and laboratories, assembly and sports halls, library. In 1975was opened the Geological Museum, which held classes on mineralogy and petrography; and dormitory received its first residents.


It was opened a new specialty "Repair and maintenance of cars" to prepare technicians motorists.

Much attention was given to students leisure time. It was initiated the tradition of the annual Day of Health. In those years in technical school there were two vocal ensembles that participated in competitions of patriotic songs.


kituraThe staff of the technical school was working under the direction of Kitura E. M. (1988-2002).

In 1996 a special rooms for metal workshop were opened. Due to the restructuring of some interior campus the number of lecture rooms were increased and it was opened the first computer class.





gerasimenkoFrom 2002 to 2007 the technical school operates under the direction of Gerasymenko V. A.

During this period three new specialty as "Office administration", "Operation of oil and gas wells", " Operation of Oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks" were opened.lukjanez1

In 2006 Geological Museum was opened after the reconstruction.

This time when was created students club where everyone can develop their different talents, modern football stadium and sport gyms were built. Due to development of society it was need to create the students self-government.

From 2007 till now Lukyanets V. D. became director.


The staff of the technical school continues to grow a number of qualified skilled specialists. We hold the leading position in the education system. Our alumni hold leading posts at the enterprises of oil and gas industry in the Ukrainian and foreign companies.

In 2012 the technical school became a separate structural subdivision of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University and opened new chapter in our history.

At the beginning of 2016 our technical school was reorganized in college and now its official name is Poltava Oil and Gas College of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University.

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