Friday the 12th - Розроблено: у Лабораторії ІОТ ПКНГ ПолтНТУ-2016
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An international youth exchange Erasmus + training program "New Generation New Technologies" was dedicated to digitalization problems in the context of a pandemic situation took place in Ankara on October 24-30.

Its aim was to raise the awareness level of scientists and students of leading European higher education institutions in modern processes of digital transformation and digitalization, formation of young people's own life position, development of necessary soft skills, readiness to join national and international educational events.
In this Erasmus + project, Ukraine and the college were represented by foreign language lecturer Sofia Rudenko (team leader), mathematics lecturer Olena Marchenko, students Eduard Shakhnazaryan (T-3-1) and Illya Kuropyatnyk (NM-3-1).

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They attended workshops by experts that positively motivate young people from different countries, encouraging reflection on the global impact of information technology on the universal socio-economic situation. During the discussions, the participants presented the experience of solving the outlined technological problems at the national level. According to their common opinion, the optimal solution to the existing problems will be the implementation of a synergetic approach, a combination of traditional and innovative development, learning to apply the experience gained during the crisis, and determine a plan for further action.
The rich cultural training program gave each participant a unique chance to get acquainted with the values and traditions of the participating countries, see the outstanding historical monuments and walk through the sights and cozy streets of the Turkish capital. Four days the participating teams organized cultural evenings, where they presented the cultural heritage of their countries - national dishes and drinks, presentations and videos about their cities, countries and universities, which they represented. The final chord was the national dance of each of the represented countries.

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The result of the training was the exchange of practical knowledge, presentation of project work of participants who, based on the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities, demonstrated a high level of awareness on the topic of digitalization and tried to solve specific problems of the information society.
After the training, participants actively shared their impressions with college students during classes. They told about the conditions of participation and selection criteria in Erasmus + programs. They also invited active young people to participate in the online Speaking Club, as an initiative that appeared after the youth exchange.

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