Thursday the 24th - Розроблено: у Лабораторії ІОТ ПКНГ ПолтНТУ-2016
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From June 15 to 25, diploma projects of student’s specialty 184 «Mining», specialization «Borehole Drilling» of full-time and part-time were defended in the conditions of adaptive quarantine. Due to the epidemiological situation, the event was carried out in strict compliance with all security measures

АDiverse topics, high level of training, practical experience and optimism – the main components of this year’s defense!

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The examination commission noted the excellent defense of students R. Galabura and V. Kulyk, who presented diploma projects in English, as well as students who successfully combined training with work at leading companies in the oil and gas industry – V. Dekan, M. Mykhailenko, I. Litvinov; diploma with honors – V. Kushnir, V. Tsys, Ya. Gusak, D. Dudnyk, Yu. Yaloveha, M. Bumatsenko, V. Kulbaka, V. Mykhailyuk and S. Tverdokhlib.

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Congratulations on successful defense and wishing that the knowledge and practical experience gained during studies at the college become a guarantee of further professional growth!

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