Friday the 28th - Розроблено: у Лабораторії ІОТ ПКНГ ПолтНТУ-2016
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There are many important dates in the history of the Ukrainian nation, but especially among them - those fateful events that paved the way for Ukraine's independence. These events, undoubtedly, include the Day of Unification of Ukraine. This date was destined to be eternally embroiled in the history of Ukraine as a grand national holiday. It was a memorable day of a triumphant outbreak of a single thought, of general good will, because "unity" means a common, harmonious, and with the consent of all.

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For this purpose, students of our college from group EN-III-1 Vitali Matyash and Polina Hromtseva and English lecturers I. Pochtakova, S. Rudenko and U. Khlivetska visited Poltava secondary school №8 by Panas Mirny with the English video lecture "Ukrainian Unity Day".

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The significance of this event was not only in communicating of its historical context, but also in future cooperation and readiness to work together.

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We thank the school administration, teachers and students for the hospitality!

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